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US senator urges use of military against Floyd protests

ANKARA US Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas on Monday urged the use of military force against protestors who took the streets across the US...

Mexico starts slow reopening amid COVID-19 pandemic

QUERETARO, Mexico  Although Mexico’s nationwide official social distancing rule ended on Monday, most states will continue their lockdowns. At last count on Sunday evening, the country...

Israeli annexation plan 'war declaration': Palestine

GENEVA  The Palestinian Authority is breaking off all agreements with Israel over its plans to annex part of the occupied West Bank, Palestine's foreign minister...

US: Minnesota extends curfew 2 days over Floyd protests

ANKARA  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz extended Monday the curfew for two days, as ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd turned into violence and...

Liverpool players kneel for George Floyd

ANKARA Liverpool players on Monday protested the murder of George Floyd by kneeling on the pitch in their stadium. "Unity is strength. #BlackLivesMatter," the English Premier...

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