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Africa to lose billions from COVID-19 lockdown

Growth to fall below 1% as poverty deepens, says ECA chief Vera Songwe

Coronavirus continues to spread in Eurasian nations

517 new cases reported in Armenia, 328 in Ukraine, 263 in Kazakhstan, 45 in Uzbekistan, 28 in Kyrgyzstan, 2 in Georgia

Turkey: National palaces reopen as 'new normal' begins

ISTANBUL National museums in Istanbul, including the iconic Dolmabahce Palace and Beylerbeyi Palace that were temporarily closed on March 18 to slow the spread of...

Turkey’s poet of hope: Nazim Hikmet

ISTANBUL Hailed by many as the writer of hope, Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, with his profound optimism, may be just what the world needs now...

Jerusalem home demolitions 'ethnic cleansing': Hamas

GAZA CITY, Palestine Palestinian resistance group Hamas has decried Israel's policy of house demolition in East Jerusalem as "ethnic cleansing". "The increasing path of house demolitions...

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